Cyber Bullying

The nature of the world our students are living in today allows for greatness. It allows for creativity, communication and diverse understanding of unique concepts. It allows for the creating of new and specific skills such as web page editing, movie making and researching. However, it is also ‘anonymous, instant and far-reaching’. These characteristics have lead to, what has now been termed, cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying can range from a one off insult to a complete breakdown of an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing. It can take many forms and is often difficult to notice and to monitor. Cyber bullying may involve sending our photographs of the victim in order to evoke feeling of embarrassment or it may take the form of direct insults or threats the victim’s safety.

This style of bullying has only become popular with the development of new technologies. This means the parents, teachers and friends of those who have become victims have limited experience with resolving the issue. Many don’t know how to identify the bully, and if they do, the style of bullying is often subtle and indirect. It is also unlike that a victim of this bullying style would ask for help. Many victims feel as if this is just part of being an active internet user and that if they tell an adult, they may have their internet use monitored or taken away.

This is where it becomes our duty as teachers to step in. We need to educate students, just as we do with traditional forms of bullying, about ways to deal with cyber bullying. Students need to know their options as a victim or as the offered. They need to know methods of breaking the cycle and ways to get help in order to effectively save their wellbeing before permanent damage is done.

online quizzes such as the one provided bellow can be useful in helping students identify cyber bullying in their lives.

This blog was inspires by the article bellow. For those looking for further infomation and advice regarding cyber bullying please visit:

A guide to cyberbullying:


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