Personal Learning Environments – the future of eLearning? Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu

how do blogs fit into PLE's?

The introduction to this article suggests that with the emergence of new learning technologies and Personal Learning Environments, we will need to find a place for the Teacher in the classrooms of the near future.

With this issue still in mind, we are presented with the argument that students can create a completely effective learning environment that is altered towards their personal needs and learning styles.  This goes hand in hand with the fact that students can then use these PLE’s to show their employer that they posses specific stills that are appropriate for the position they have applied for.

With connection to the internet becoming widely and easily accessible, it is becoming effortless for individuals to create their own PLE. In doing this, students are not restricted to formal learning environments such as classrooms and are able to combine the theory they learn online with the practicality of the environment surrounding them.

It would be irresponsible of a teacher to ignore these incredible improvements in technology and the changes in the standard learning environment. It is not impossible for teachers to incorporate elements of the PLE into the traditional classroom setting. With the pedagogical knowledge of teachers, we can adapt and advise the use of technology in a way that will enhance the learning of our students.

At a secondary educational level students need to be taught how to use these technologies. They will also need to be shown the skills they need to posses before they enter the workforce. Students will not know how to access their PLE without some sort of formal learning environment. For this reason I suggest that PLE’s are effective for those who know how to use them effectively, however the role of the teacher is not redundant.   

Attwell puts these thoughts into an interesting and easy to understand video. check it out!

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